About Us

Asia !! Parent to civilization and home to more people than the world put together, the one thing that binds them through time is their love of their food. Hundreds of aromatic herbs, thousands of exotic ingredients and sauces, millions of flavors- all steamed, tossed, stirred and fried in legendary kitchen of “The Monk’s”

Our chefs at The Monk’s excel at preparing authentic dishes that delight the taste buds. Where our chefs braise, blend, toss, temper and stir up signature delicacies inspired from regions of China and India.

Experience the first hand magic that the chefs create which is no shorter than any work of art !


It’s all about good food !! To become one of the most reputed brand serving various cuisines of Asia. Our goal is to connect with customers, create memorable cuisines and lent authenticity to every dish served, making every dining experience a step towards a greater milestone


AUTHENTICITY: Our chefs take pride in creating the most authentic dishes that take you down the memory and leave you with a refreshing experience. We constantly strive to innovate and create magic on your plate

PEOPLE MATTER: Our utmost importance is given to our customers as well as our employees. We endeavor to provide outstanding experience and make them feel special.

INGREDIENTS: We outsource the best of the ingredients from the most reputed of vendors, and sometimes directly from that region of the globe where it is most typically found. Our Chefs are very particular in adding the right ingredient for maintaining the authenticity of each item prepared. At all our restaurants, the mantra is to remain honest to the basic essence of the recipe and still create that dish in a new way which will make you fall in love over and over again.

You can count on us

We give back

Always expect us at our best

All are welcome

We do whats right

We are always improving